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Discover the Best Dog-Friendly Beaches on Costa Blanca

Discover the Best Dog-Friendly Beaches on Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca, with its picturesque coastline hugging the Mediterranean Sea, has emerged as a sought-after destination for sun-seekers, beach enthusiasts, and sea lovers. To effectively plan your vacation in this region, use the travel guide. In recent times, a heartwarming trend has surfaced: pet-friendly travel. More and more travelers are choosing to include their beloved furry companions in their coastal escapades. This article delves into the top dog-friendly beaches along the Costa Blanca, celebrating the region’s appeal to pet owners and their loyal canine friends.

Agua Amarga Beach (Alicante)

Agua Amarga Beach, located between the city of Alicante and Urbanova, spans approximately 250 meters of coastline. It’s considered one of the best dog-friendly beaches in Spain. Here’s what you need to know:

 Additional Information:

  • Pet-Friendly Services: Agua Amarga stands out for its luxury service catering to our furry friends. Specialized kiosks provide disposable feeders and drinkers for pets. Not only does the beach offer a “human” menu, but there’s also a dedicated “dog” menu with refreshments for both humans and their canine companions.
  • Beach Features: The beach boasts clean sand and water, making it an ideal spot for dogs to play fetch and swim in the calm waters. Agua Amarga Beach is open 365 days a year, allowing your pet to enjoy the sea even during the summer months.

Benidorm: Mal Pas Beach


The Mal Pas Be­ach in Benidorm is a pretty beach along the­ Costa Blanca coast. It has very clean sand and water. The­ beach sits betwee­n the old town and the new city. It is a dog frie­ndly place. Pets can play fetch to their heart's content and swim in the calm wate­r here. The be­ach is calm and close to things. Dogs and people can re­lax and soak up the Mediterranean sun. It is a nice place. Plus, its proximity to various amenities ensures a comfortable experience for beachgoers and their pets.

Additional Information:

  • Dog-friendly Facilities: Mal Pas Beach boasts designated areas where dogs can roam freely and enjoy the sand and surf without restrictions. Pet owners can find conveniently located waste disposal bins and fresh water stations to keep their furry friends hydrated throughout their beach days.
  • Nearby attractions: After a day of playing with their four-legged companions, visitors can explore the quaint streets of Benidorm's Old Town or take a stroll along the beach, as a breathtaking beach view, people and pets are welcome to refuel with refreshing drinks or snacks at nearby dog-friendly cafes.

Altea: Playa Mar y Montaña

Altea’s “Playa Mar y Montaña” is a small rocky beach that has been a favorite among pet owners for years. Since 2016, authorities have officially recognized it as a dog-friendly beach. While it may lack the typical postcard-perfect aesthetics, its rugged charm makes it an ideal spot for a beach day with your furry companion.

Additional Information:

  • Natural Beauty: The beach is surrounded by cliffs and lush vegetation, creating a serene atmosphere.
  • Dog Etiquette: Be mindful of other beachgoers and clean up after your dog. There are waste bins available for responsible disposal.
  • Sunset Views: Consider visiting during sunset—the views are breathtaking!

Villajoyosa: Playa Villera del Xarco

Situated south of Villajoyosa, the “Playa Villera del Xarco” is a cove adorned with stones. Although the entry can be tricky, the right side of this beach is designated for dogs. Let your pup explore the shoreline while you soak in the Mediterranean vibes.

Additional Information:

  • Secluded Ambiance: Playa Villera del Xarco is less crowded, making it perfect for a peaceful day by the sea.
  • Picnic Spot: Pack a picnic and enjoy it on the rocky terrain while your dog explores the beach.
  • Sunbathing: Find a comfortable spot on the rocks and bask in the sun while your furry friend enjoys the salty air.

El Campello: Playa Punta del Riu and Playa Barranc D’Aigües


El Campello boasts not one but two dog-friendly beaches.

  • Playa Punta del Riu: This small beach features rocky boulders and calm waters, perfect for small dogs and those wary of waves. It’s located near the mouth of the “Seco” river, between the beaches of “Carrerlamar” and “Muchavista.” The adjacent dog park is just 500 meters away.
  • Playa Barranc D’Aigües: North of El Campello, this secluded beach offers tranquility and direct access from the N-332. While it may be somewhat challenging to reach, it’s an intimate spot for dog owners seeking a peaceful escape.

Additional Information:

Playa Punta del Riu:

  • Dog Park: Take advantage of the nearby dog park for additional playtime.
  • Shallow Waters: The gentle waves make it suitable for dogs to splash around.

Playa Barranc D’Aigües:

  • Privacy: Enjoy the seclusion and unwind with your pet.
  • Nature Walk: The access route involves a short walk through natural surroundings.

Tips for Visiting Dog-Friendly Beaches

For those contemplating a jaunt to canine-accommodating shorelines along the Costa Blanca, it's paramount to bear in mind several pivotal pointers to ensure a seamless and delightful experience for both you and your four-legged companion:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Regulations: Prior to embarking on your beach excursion, acquaint yourself with the specific rules and decorum concerning dogs. Each shoreline might enforce distinct guidelines pertaining to leash protocols, designated canine zones, and waste management, necessitating awareness of these stipulations to preempt any potential misinterpretations or complications during your outing. Also, if you are not local and plan to travel by car, you should familiarize yourself in advance with the conditions and parking possibilities near the beach you have chosen for your vacation.
  2. Pack Appropriately: Ensure to assemble all requisite provisions for a day of seaside leisure with your dog. This entails provisions like water, sustenance, a leash, waste receptacles, sun shielding for your pet, and conceivably even a collapsible water dish. By having these essentials readily available, you can safeguard your pet's comfort and welfare throughout the day.
  3. Prioritize Safety: Exercise vigilance over your dog at all junctures while on the beach. Verify they remain within your line of sight and steer clear of potentially perilous circumstances such as strong currents or jagged terrain. Additionally, furnish shade and an ample supply of potable water to avert dehydration, and contemplate utilizing a flotation device if your dog partakes in aquatic endeavors.
  4. Demonstrate Consideration: Show thoughtfulness toward fellow beach attendees and their furry companions. Keep your dog under restraint and preclude any undesirable encounters with unfamiliar individuals or animals. Consistently adhere to pet waste cleanup protocols and dispose of refuse in designated receptacles to sustain the cleanliness of the beach for communal enjoyment.

The bre­athtaking Costa Blanca region is a true paradise for pe­t owners and their belove­d canine companions. With its stunning coastline dotted with nume­rous dog-friendly beaches, this sun-dre­nched destination warmly welcome­s furry visitors, ensuring a delightful and unforgettable­ seaside expe­rience for all. By following local regulations, be­ing prepared with esse­ntial supplies, and embracing responsible­ pet ownership practices, vacatione­rs can create cherishe­d memories alongside the­ir four-legged friends. 


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