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Top 10 Language Schools in Alicante city for learning Spanish

Top 10 Language Schools in Alicante city for learning Spanish

When you move to Spain and start studying there, having some knowledge of Spanish would be of great benefit. Even if the main language of studying is English, knowing at least the basics of Spanish would help you better understand the locals and their culture.

Is It Possible to Learn Spanish Within Three Months?

It is possible to learn Spanish in three months to some extent – for example, you could use the language for some basic purposes. Still, to master the language and be able to use it in different settings and situations, you will have to spend far more time. If you are interested in language courses, an intensive course of Spanish covering A1-C2 levels consists of 15 months (or 62 weeks) in total.

Top Spanish Language Schools in Alicante in 2023

Vive La Ñ

This school is situated close to the most attractive beaches between Alicante and Benidorm. Apart from well-equipped classrooms, Vive La Ñ has cinema, theater, social rooms, sports center, audio hall, as well as large outdoor areas among others. The school is known for its innovative approach of Spanish learning, so teaching is provided in real-life environment when students are visiting some popular and interesting places, etc.

HLI (Home Language International)

This school places students in the homes of qualified teachers, where they live, learn, socialize and interact. Each programme is fully immersive, giving students valuable one-to-one tuition and "real life" interactions and exchanges in their chosen study language. Throughout HLI, there are many hundreds of teachers, ensuring students receive tutors best suited to their individual needs and development. Lessons are generally on a one-to-one basis from within the teacher's home. Activities, excursions and social events, such as mealtimes with the host family, are all part of the fully immersive learning experience that HLI offers.

Don Quijote

This is our partner language school in Alicante that is situated in the Paseo de la Explanada, the most representative area of Alicante. It does not take more than 2 minutes from the beach to reach this school. The language classes are flexible and adjusted to individual students’ needs. So, this school can be a great option for workers, business persons, and students willing to study in groups.

Colegio Internacional Alicante

It's a Spanish language school located in the center of Alicante, a short distance walk from the main activities of the city including the Explanada de España and Mercat Central d'Alacant. The school runs after-class activities such as a visit to a local attraction, a salsa class or watching a Spanish film. Attendance certificates are provided for those who have completed the class to a high standard. Students can pick a general Spanish group course, private classes, combination lessons, Spanish business classes or over 50s courses.


The school is located in a modern and convenient place. Besides, it is known for its premium-quality teaching and meeting all the criteria and standards for learning. The school venue is well-equipped with different technological gadgets that make studying more comfortable.

Elcano School

This school is situated at the very heart of Alicante and provides a plethora of courses in Spanish. One can find language courses according to individual needs and purposes. Each year the school offers courses to more than 500 international students. To make the studying process effective, the school places students in different groups based on their level and progress.

Proyecto Espanol

Learning Spanish in this school, one can enjoy outstanding opportunity to enrich one’s experience, meet a lot of new people from different corners of the world, and attend various social events. The school is situated in the center of Alicante and offers both non-intensive and intensive courses to international students.

Estudio Sampere

The school is organized in a professional way that enables students to enjoy classes. The teachers are professional and supporting. The school’s classrooms are equipped with the necessary gadgets that make the learning process convenient and exciting. Thus, teachers can apply the latest methodology for teaching Spanish.

Iberean Camps

This language school is within a really close walking distance from the residential area. It is equipped with classrooms of different sizes that contain all the necessary materials for students of different learning levels. There is air conditioning, Wi-Fi and multimedia technology in each classroom, which makes the learning process really convenient and pleasant. More so, the school has a few toilets and common areas, where you can find vending machines with snacks and drinks. If you apply for intensive learning courses, you can expect to spend four hours on studies daily.

International Summer Camp Spain

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn Spanish while meeting new people, making friends, socializing, and playing different sports games. With the ISC Spain, you will have unforgettable summer holidays. International students from 13 to 18 years old can apply for the camp and learn Spanish language in the heart of Alicante.

As you see, there is a vast array of language courses in Alicante to pick from. Spanish classes are offered on a daily basis and you can enroll in either regular or intensive language courses. When applying for an intensive course, you will be spending on average 20 hours per week learning Spanish.

Hopefully, this article will help you choose the Spanish learning courses that are most suitable for you. Should you need further information or details about programs, transportation to schools and around the area, accommodation or excursions, do not hesitate and contact us via email or WhatsApp.

September 05, 2023

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