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What does each of us expect from holidays and those free days that we call holidays? How long are we waiting for the moment when we can leave behind our efforts, work and city routine to go to a place where you can forget about worries and problems? What do we expect from the rest and how we want to spend this free time? How do we want to see the place where we spend our holidays? This is just that small part of the questions we asked ourselves when we opened the Happy Life company. Creating a company, we wanted to do a service that we could be proud with our service expectations. ​ ​

Traveling around the world we wanted to find a place that satisfied all our desires: the sea and snow-white beaches, wonderful weather, high-quality infrastructure, great food and finally smiling, kind people. Once our choice fell on Alicante, a city in southern Spain which is located near the Mediterranean Sea. And this choice exceeded all expectations! We literally fell in love with this place! After spending 2 weeks of vacation, we returned several times, until we decided to move our family here. We hope you enjoy Alicante and you fall in love with this city! In return, we will try to provide the best possible service!