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Villajoyosa, Altea


7 Hours
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You will travel to the beautiful towns of Villajoyosa and Altea. In Villajoyosa, we visit the colorful historical district and a family run artisanal chocolate factory. In Altea we visit its historical town observing, narrow streets and church. Villajoyosa, where the sea and the mountain merge into one. This Alicante enclave gives off a special light that perfectly represents the Mediterranean, marine and commercial region.Villajoyosa is one of the best-preserved old towns in the Valencian Community. Narrow and labyrinthine streets run through the city, through which you can find emblematic buildings, Roman ruins and medieval walls. Their houses, each a different colour, bring unique vitality and joy to the population. The cuisine of La Villajoyosa, is one of the most popular since it is based off fresh fish and seafood which is then prepared with different types of rice; broth-like, sweet, paella, etc. Villajoyosa is also recognized worldwide for its famous chocolate; Within its borders it houses four chocolate factories, the most well-known of these four factories produces “Valor Chocolates”. Another sweet related to this town, is turrón, a creamy, irresistible nougat. A few kilometres from Villajoyosa we find Altea, one of the most beautiful villages on the Costa Blanca. This small town is full of nooks and cranny’s that displays art and gives off a sense of magic. A you walk through the cobbled streets and white houses of the old town of Altea, you will reach the square where the majestic church of Our Lady of Consuelo stands with its impressive blue dome, a very endearing experience. Altea is a bohemian and artistic city, from its people, its streets, its shops and its scenery. A place for relaxation and disconnection, where its beauty will take over you.


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