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Rent a scooter in Alicante center

Rent a scooter

from €15 /day


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Scooter information

Scooters has become the perfect vehicle to move around the city. They are light and their driving is easier, their consumption is very low, they are comfortable and, in addition, they are very practical and versatile. These advantages make them the perfect mobility solution for cities like Alicante. Whether for your work, because you have to move from one end of the city to another, or because you are looking for a way to move during your holidays, Scooter have a number of advantages that make it very interesting to consider your rental in Alicante. One of the big advantages of scooters that are easy to park. If you have tried to park your car in the center of Alicante at certain times and places you have been able to get desperate. However, with a scooter it is much less stressful. Their small size makes them easier to park and almost fit anywhere. Allowing the stations very close to your destination saving a ride to the exact site you wanted to reach. Alicante has many spaces reserved for your bikes.