Introducing the Artisan Collection of Peru

There are many cultures around the globe that are so rich in heritage, tradition and skill. Over the years, we’ve paired with designers and industry experts to create jewelry that represents and celebrates these vibrant cultures. We are thrilled to introduce the newest line of our Artisan Collections, the Artisan Collection of Peru!

This collection is inspired by Peruvian culture which is formed around the natural beauty of their homeland and of the sun itself. It also features a wide variety of gemstones such as turquoise, labradorite, garnet, and onyx along with other gems you’ll love. Rich with history, and modern enough for the trend-setters, these wearable works of art deliver the diverse flavor of Peruvian culture to your world!

Artisan of Peru PRU026Gray Labradorite 10k Gold Necklace

Artisan of Peru PRU024Intricate 10k Gold Hoops

Artisan of Peru PRU019 PRU022Red Garnet Necklace and Inca Inspired Five Shield Necklace

artisan-of-peru-pru017.jpgGreen Labradorite Dangle Earrings

Artisan of Peru PRU015Black Onyx Ring

Artisan of Peru PRU010Blue Chalcedony Ring 

Artisan of Peru PRU006Blue Turquoise 10k Gold Necklace

Artisan of Peru PRU003Blue Turquoise Dangle Earrings