Bold Gold Tone Jewelry

This summer, it’s all about bold, gold tones! From gorgeous, solid gold pieces, to a hint of gemstone color, there’s a style that is sure to fit your style.

For this first look, we’re incorporating a little bit of everything! With a versatile metal like gold, there are endless ways to mix and match. First, add some texture to your wrists with this bold, ball station bracelet and black and red glass bracelet. Artisan of Turkey Bella Moda TRK142 MA078B BEC950 BLN483 BCB423 1


Next, add a pop of color with a blue quartz ring, or a fun cluster ring for that hint of sparkle. Finish it off with a gold statement necklace and you’ve got yourself the perfect ensemble!Artisan of Turkey Bella Moda TRK142 BCB423 MA078B BLN483 BEC818 1


Looking to add a little flair to your next look? Try this fabulous feather necklace from our Off Park collection, and a pair of bold hoops to add a little playful twist.Off Park Moda OPC423 MA107 1

Off Park Moda Bella OPC423 MA107 MA078B BEC950 BLN483 1


Our final look adds a modern twist to the classic gold staple pieces. For your next night out, try this elegant, yet chic, gold lattice bracelet and gold, Bella Luce ring to add some color and shine.Bella Moda DOCOL6A MA078B BEC970 1


Next, add some flirty flair with these modernized tube hoops and curbetto necklace. Finally, top off the look with a couple golden rings to tie everything together. This look is quick, unique, and oh-so fashionable!Moda BEC975 BEC932 1

Moda MA089 BEC947

When it comes to bold looks, JTV is your one-stop-shop for all things glimmering gold. From classic to modern, simple to ornate, and bold to subtle, we’ve got just what you need to make your next look truly WOW!